What Can We Do with Sickcare in America?

This is a website about healthcare in America. Currently what we have is sickcare, and it’s very expensive. We pay more per capita than most other countries, and our most recent (2000) overall ranking by WHO placed us 37th in the world, between Slovenia and Costa Rica. In 2011 we spent 17.7% of GDP on medical care, vs France who spent 11.6% and is number 1.  Therefore if we could duplicate what France has done, we might indeed get better care for less money.

How could we do that? I’m asking you. Somewhere out there I suspect there are taxpaying US citizens who care about this, and I’d like to hear from you. I have some ideas I plan to share here, and if you’d like to start reading up some, here are some links:

Wikipedia on healthcare in France

World Health Organization Declaration of Alma-Ata from 1978 (pdf)

Best Care Anywhere book – before the recent VA scandals

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  1. Thank you being part of the conversation that needs to be had regarding the skyrocketing costs of healthcare. Our conversation yesterday convinced me that you have a profound perspective and a heartfelt sensitivity.

    1. Thanks Alonzo. We met and spoke in person yesterday, and you left me a comment here; I appreciate your encouragement. Although this website is now public, I am not yet publicizing it. I want to address several things first: who am I and why am I starting out so negative, what is the importance of primary care medicine in healthcare, why do I want to put the world’s best electronic medical record (EMR) software into small primary care offices, and how do I propose to do that. Hint: form a coalition of interested humans – I started to say Americans, but really all are welcome. Early supporters like yourself make a big difference.


  2. Understanding the complexity of American healthcare (sickcare), which is a tangled mess of corporate interests, political agendas, and ideological conflicts, is nothing short of a monumentally befuddling task. I have read many books written by scholars and doctors on the subject and have come away with the despairing feeling that our American system no longer has the fortitude or ambition to properly deal with such issues, among many others. Simply grasping the process by which the Affordable Care Act came into law is mind-numbing in itself.

    Perhaps you might be kind enough, on this site, to give us who are less familiar with the issues a roadmap of how we got where we are and some of the obstacles we must overcome to bring our healthcare system out of the dark ages and into a future of sustainability and cooperation.

    Your perspective and clarity of thought on these matters is an asset that should not go to waste. Heck, you might even find that you have a publishable book swirling in your head somewhere. =)

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